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stress-related chronic pain

London, UK, 2022.

You’ve undoubtedly experienced or are experiencing stress-related conditions like:

– Tensional migraine
– Neck pain
– Upper back pain
– Shoulder pain
– Insomnia

and much more.

You have tried speaking to the doctor, who suggested rest, and physiotherapy. You’ve also experienced how that course of action seems to be insufficient.

I am Andrea Croci, and since 2015 I have been helping those in the business industry how to control and manage their chronic pain.

I can help you with in-person sessions here in SW6 1NJ or remotely via video calls.

andrea applying rockfloss to a patient

Get back in control!

Stress-related pain can shift our focus from what we are able to achieve to a more negative point of view. That lead us to focus on what we cannot do rather than what we CAN do.

Working together, we will together provide you the support you need to keep you mind focus on the best scenario.

Feeling tight and muscle tightness often ends up being two different things. The first one is the result of stress, what that means is that is a neurological tightness and taking care of the stress the feeling will go. The second is more physiological and most of us experience it after intense physical activities.

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Tools are a nice way to deliver excellent and long-lasting results to my clients. While I can teach people how to do massage, working within my niche made me realise I can teach people how to use the tools I use. Click in the picture to open the window with all the tools I have in my tools box.

Only by appointment!

Life happens and I want to be able to offer to those who invest in their health as much value as possible. That is one of the reasons I only attend by appointment. Click on the picture below to open the booking window. A deposit and your card details are necessary to book as a way to deter “no shows”.

About Andrea Croci

That’s me, Andrea Croci, smiling while demonstrating how to perform an exercise to my client.
There are few things on this earth that make me smile like that. Helping businessmen and women, as well as young graduates, manage chronic stress-related pain is one of those.
I am a Virgo if you believe in astrology, and my background is logical and analytical. In my teenage years, I studied to become an IT technician, but I was lucky to understand that was a very sedentary job for me. At 20 years old, in 2008 I was working in busy central London in the food & beverage field as an assistant manager, but again, I was unhappy.
In 2015 I moved to Madrid, Spain. At 25 I started again from scratch to learn manual therapy and personal training. Then in 2016, I started my transition towards a fully plant-based dietIn 2021 I received my ITEC level 3 massage certification, insurance with Balens, and I joined the Federation of Holistic Therapies (FHT #215763). 
I also find it fulfilling to help people plan sustainable and long term meal plans. From my own experience, healthy habits deliver results. I will do my best to help people that invest in their health achieve their goals and to Heal with Intention.

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